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Since our goal at BGIG is education and awareness, we welcome everyone wishing to attend our meetings and events. If you find that we are helping you or someone you know, consider joining the group as a way of supporting us - ensuring that we can continue our programs.

We are not a fundraising group - our membership cost covers basic expenses of postage, printing, speaker fees, coffee for meetings, etc. Many of our members donate additional time, expertise and facilities to make sure that we can continue to serve the gluten intoleratant and wheat sensitive community in Whatcom County and beyond. BGIG also supports celiac disease research through donations to facilities nationwide.

Thank you for your support.


Benefits of Membership


Member Resource Packet - Sent out in January (or when membership taken out) - New Members Only


Opportunity to participate with an enthusiastic group of individuals committed to a GF lifestyle

and the knowledge that you are helping others through our outreach and advocacy programs!!


 PLEASE NOTE: We do not share our membership or email list with any individual, business, group or agency. You do not need to become a member of BGIG to be notified of our meetings, activities or events. To just be added to our contact list, click here


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