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BGIG serves as an educational and support forum. Our programs are targeted to improve

awareness of gluten reactive conditions to the general public, healthcare practitioners and

food suppliers (both restaurants and manufacturers).

We also support medical research to improve diagnosis for and management of gluten

intolerant related conditions. Our primary focus however, is providing support for those

individuals dealing with a gluten-free lifestyle. If you are gluten reactive or simply

want to help and support someone who is - we encourage your membership to help us

continue in our mission.

Membership is NOT required to attend any of our meetings, events or activities.


Anyone can become a member of BGIG. Simply print out this form and fill in the

information requested below. Include this form with your check for $15- made payable to

BGIG and mail to the above address.    And THANK YOU   for your support!


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*If you have been a BGIG member in the past, you will not receive a new member packet.

Regular cost of renewal is $10. New members will receive a packet and all member benefits.

 **If you provide an email address you will receive a monthly reminder via email from BGIG.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not share our membership or email list with any individual, business,

group or agency. You do not need to become a member of BGIG to be notified of our meetings,

activities or events. To just be added to our contact list, click here

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