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This list includes individuals and companies who support BGIG by donating product/help/funding.

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Healthy & Gluten Free

in Whatcom County






F Street Natural Health Clinic

Dr. Laura Shelton, ND         360-734-15601707 F Street, Bellingham, WA       Website



Dr. Mystique Grobe              360-527-2812

1513 E St. Bellingham, WA 98225


Dr. Stephen Wangen, ND

206-264-1111 - Seattle, WA


 Dr. Jean Layton, ND - website click logo



Dr. Mark Steinberg, ND       360-738-3230

1313 E. Maple Street, Suite 102

Bellingham, WA 98225                 Website



 Shared Care Program



Miscellaneous Service Supporters







Ready to Eat - GF Bakery Items



Distributed at Terra in the Bellingham Public Mkt.

or click logo above to visit website

Bakery/Cafe located in Concrete, WA






Misc. GF Products






Gluten Free Shopping & Dining

in Whatcom County







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